Friday, April 6, 2012

Expat living in India?

April 6th 2012! Important changes to UK Pensions & QROPS Legislation! We strongly recommend you speak to or request contact from one of our expert Advisers straight away. To find out how these changes affect you simply complete the form on the left! Did you know that as an Expatriate in India you can receive your UK pension income with no Tax deducted and ensure that your family inherit any unspent pension funds. How We Can Help You Understand QROPS and UK Pension Transfers. Read on to understand the benefits of QROPS and UK Pension Transfers abroad.

Find A Better Retirement Income Abroad It’s a fact that increasing numbers of Britons are choosing to retire abroad, and since the introduction of QROPS in 2006, many Britons have the opportunity to free up their UK pension from the restrictions of the British taxation and pension systems. However, with this uniquely beneficial pension transfer opportunity comes the burden of understanding whether a QROPS is the right choice for you personally. We have arranged to provide a free pension analysis for you, compiled by industry experts, to show you how you can Save Large Amounts of Tax, protect from IHT and improve the growth of your Pension! Many factors come into play when assessing whether an individual is best advised to transfer their pension or not, which is why it is critical that you receive qualified advice before making any decision or taking any action. As Britons living abroad who have already been through the battle to find best advice about our personal pension options, we are acutely aware of how difficult it can be to get answers to some of the most common questions, such as: - Do I have to pay UK tax on my pension when I receive it? Will the British taxman grab any unspent pension when I die? Do I have to buy an annuity with my pension now that I live abroad? If I transfer my pension to a QROPS, which is the best jurisdiction? Which financial services provider has the best QROPS for me? This is precisely why we worked together to establish QROPS Choices. You can read more about us and more QROPS elsewhere on this website, but here’s how our service works, and how we can help you… The Free Service We Offer You

At QROPS Choices we provide every single reader who contacts us with a free and comprehensive pension analysis report. This report is produced by one of our handpicked, qualified, regulated, experienced, recommended and independent financial advisers, and it is individually tailored to your own personal circumstances. This analysis report examines your current pension position and your transfer options; and if a transfer path is deemed applicable and advisable, your QROPS options are also explored in depth. To Receive Your Free Pension Analysis & Guide To QROPS Simply Complete The Form On The Left With your free and comprehensive report you will be able to see whether you will be better off transferring your pension to a QROPS. Your analysis will be written in plain English and it will endeavour to answer all the questions you may have, such as: - What benefits could I enjoy if I move my British pension abroad now that I’m living overseas? Will I be able to save tax by transferring my pension? Is a pension transfer right for me? What are the risks of transferring to a QROPS? What are the costs associated with transferring my pension abroad? How much inheritance tax could I potentially save by transferring my pension? How can I pass unspent pension to my beneficiaries upon death with a QROPS? How can I avoid having to buy an annuity with a QROPS? Can I take my pension income in a currency of my choice and avoid exchange rate and transfer costs? Can I transfer SIPPs, final salary schemes and occupational pensions? What’s more, if a QROPS transfer is not the right decision for you based on your personal circumstances, your analysis report will make this fact clear, and potentially save you from making a grave financial error. Testimonials

I thoroughly recommend that anyone planning to retire abroad gets a pensions analysis before making any decisions about QROPS. Joan Williams – Spain Your pension analysis certainly does cast a lot of light on the subject of QROPS. Tom Watkins – UAE Thank you, your pensions analysis is worth it’s weight in gold, glad I found you. Sue Price – Florida Perfect, just what I was looking for, thank you very much. Martin Busler – France QROPS Choices provide a first rate service, don’t hesitate to get your pensions analysis. Helen Robins – New Zealand Thanks ever so much, I was really concerned about sorting my pension out, you’ve been incredibly helpful from start to finish Barry Davies – Cyprus To Receive Your Free Pension Analysis & Guide To QROPS Simply Complete The Form On The Left How Your Free Analysis Report Informs and Enables Your Choices

By taking the short amount of time required to speak to one of our handpicked financial advisers, so that they can glean essential information about your current pension position and retirement ambitions in confidence, you will enable them to take the information and draw up your tailor made report. This report will lay out your projected returns currently, and compare them directly with your pension transfer and QROPS options and future potential benefits. With the information you receive written in plain English, and written to answer any specific questions you may have about QROPS and transferring a pension abroad, you will be armed with all the facts, figures, data and analysis required to enable you to make the right choice about whether transferring your pension is the best approach or not. Your personal adviser will remain on hand to answer any additional questions you may have, and to directly assist you should you decide that you would like to go ahead and move your pension to a QROPS. A QROPS is not the right choice for everyone, and not all QROPS offer the same benefits to each individual. Whilst the benefits available from these qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes can be broad and high returning, you need to ensure that you make the right choices – and to do that you need the right advice. How To Get The Right Advice

To receive your personalised and free UK pension vs. QROPS analysis and comparison report, produced by a fully qualified pensions expert, complete the form on the left hand side. You can specify exactly how you would like to be contacted. You have nothing to lose and a potentially much wealthier and secure retirement to gain!
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Welcome to QROPS Choices, an information service established by a group of British expatriates for British expatriates. Since QROPS (qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes) were first introduced in 2006, there has been an awful lot of confusing information disseminated about these exceptionally flexible and potentially high returning pension schemes. The worst offenders for causing confusion are often the QROPS providers themselves! We Create Clarity From Confusion

When we, as a group of interested expats who are living, working or already retired abroad started researching our own pension transfer options, we found it hard to know whose information we could trust. There didn’t seem to be a clear path to follow in order to determine whether we were better off leaving our pensions in the UK, or transferring them to a QROPS. And if a QROPS was supposedly the best way forward, we all received conflicting advice about the best jurisdictions for investment for example. When we got together to discuss the advice we were receiving from websites, forums, financial advisers, accountants and bank managers we discovered that there were those who clearly understood QROPS and pension transfers and whose advice we felt comfortable trusting, and then there were those who were clearly just attempting to hard sell us a solution. As Britons we were all acutely aware of the UK pension mis-selling debacle that affected many people in the late 80s and early 90s, and we felt determined that expatriates should not fall victim to bad advice when it came to their own retirement income options. Unfortunately however, there was seemingly no service available to expats where they could get free, independent and personally tailored advice. This fact led us to take matters into our own hands, and it resulted in the establishment of QROPS Choices. How We Pick The Advisers We Work With We invited only the expatriate financial advisories that we felt had offered the best advice to submit client testimonials to us. These needed to be from satisfied individuals who had received QROPS advice from the advisory in question. We followed up on these to ensure that best advice and ongoing financial guidance was offered by the company to the client, before we invited each company to submit to us their regulatory information, details of the qualifications held by their QROPS advisers, and details about the terms of business they have in place with financial services companies they may recommend. In other words, we conducted careful due diligence before we hand picked a group of advisers we were comfortable recommending. It is these qualified, regulated and experienced independent financial advisers who complete each individual pension analysis for QROPS Choices’ readers like you. If you’re interested in determining whether a QROPS could be the right way forward for your pension savings and retirement income, or you just want to know how best to invest or manage your British pension now that you’re living abroad, with QROPS Choices you receive a free, personalised and individual review and assessment of your options. How We Can Help You

At this point you may be wondering why we and our hand picked financial advisers offer this service, and how we can offer it for free… It’s quite simple. If your adviser determines that you can benefit from a QROPS by transferring your British pension abroad, and you then act on the free advice given and work with the adviser to establish your QROPS and move your pension, they will receive a commission payment from the financial services company with which you establish your QROPS – just like any other expatriate independent financial adviser. In turn we receive a small percentage of the commission. QROPS are specifically designed to benefit British expatriates; therefore it is quite often the case that a transfer is deemed to be the best option. This means that whilst our advisers do sometimes have to explain to interested readers that a pension transfer is not the right approach for them, more often than not they show clear reasons why a reader should transfer. The testimonials we receive week in week out show us that our group of hand picked advisers consistently deliver a high grade service to our readers, therefore a consistently strong number of qualifying individuals choose to use the service on offer from the advisers we recommend. This makes this approach sufficiently profitable for everyone involved to continue to offer their advice and support for free. Please note: we at QROPS Choices are British expatriates just like you. We are not qualified to give you financial advice. This is why your specific requests for advice are handled by one of our hand picked independent financial advisers, and why all pension analysis documents are produced by these qualified and regulated third parties. Your Next Steps

Any Briton living abroad or planning to retire abroad can contact us with their questions about UK pension transfers and QROPS. If we can answer a question then we will – but if we feel that a question falls into the territory of financial advice we will ask one of our hand picked advisers to help – as always this is without charge or obligation. To ask a question or to receive your personalised and free UK pension vs. QROPS analysis and comparison report, produced by a fully qualified pensions expert, complete the form on the left hand side. You can specify exactly how you would like to be contacted. You have nothing to lose and a potentially much wealthier and secure retirement to gain!